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Highly Experienced Federal Crime Defense Attorney

When you have been arrested or charged with a federal crime, your personal and professional future may be at stake. Do not put your fate in the hands of a lawyer who lacks federal court experience. Steve Hormel of Hormel Law Office, LLC, has more than 20 years of federal criminal defense experience, including his position as the former supervisor of federal defense attorneys at the Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho.

Turn To Hormel Law Office, LLC, For Skilled Federal Court Representation

At Hormel Law Office, LLC, located in Ephrata and Spokane, attorney Hormel is passionate about defending the rights of people who are accused of federal crimes in eastern Washington, western Montana and elsewhere.

Attorney Hormel will protect your rights and work for your freedom. With over 20 years of experience handling complex federal felony cases, he will provide you with the skill and dedication needed to address your individual circumstances.

We will help defend you from all types of federal charges, including:

  • Firearms offenses
  • Bank robbery
  • Major offenses committed in “Indian country”
  • Major drug trafficking, conspiracy and continuing criminal enterprise offenses
  • Money laundering
  • Criminal immigration offenses
  • White collar crime charges, such as wire, mail or bank fraud; embezzlement; and Ponzi schemes
  • Federal homicide
  • Federal enclave offenses occurring on federal property (e.g. military bases) or in national forests
  • Wildlife offenses that fall under the Lacey Act, such as interstate trafficking of wildlife

Defending You From Federal Crime Charges

Serious charges require a serious defense. Contact Hormel Law Office, LLC, online or call 509-590-1474 today to schedule your consultation. We pledge to provide you with the highest degree of skill, hard work and experience.

Our highly knowledgeable trial lawyer is one of the most published appellate attorneys in the region, and we can help you when you need to appeal a conviction or an unjust sentence, as well.