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Wildlife Violations

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) laws and regulations are complex, confusing and oftentimes vague. In 1998, the Washington State Legislature attempted to correct these problems by combining the WDFW laws and reorganizing the statutes. In many instances, the 1998 legislation missed the target.

Federal prosecutors enforce the federal Lacey Act of 1900. The Lacey Act is aimed at hunters who allegedly commit interstate hunting violations or violations of state law or regulations in a national forest. Lacey Act violations are often complex and require an experienced attorney familiar with federal court to challenge the prosecution’s case. Hormel Law Office, LLC, has the experience and knowledge necessary to challenge the federal government.

Both state and federal law enforcement officers are aggressive. Hormel Law Office, LLC, has represented many individuals throughout the state of Washington and federal court who were charged with both felony and misdemeanor offenses under the WDFW laws and regulations and under the Federal Lacey Act.

Read this article from the Yakima Herald as an example of the Hormel Law Office, LLC, legal team’s skill, hard work and experience in defending against wildlife charges:

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